Friday, August 27, 2010

Depleted (NOT) uranium is still genocide.

I recieved this reminder (Deadly Legacy - Iraq) of the results of our actions in other humans homeland, As we continue fairly comfortable and distracted, in this age of bread and circus, humans far away and out of our view, are suffering from our disposal of toxic waste as the gift that keeps on giving. We spread tons of this toxic contaminant through out their lands and they are now seeing the results as children are born with crippling deformaties or are developing Leukemia in early childhood. As we see news of our "withdrawal" (NOT) from Iraq the people whose country never did one thing to threaten our country will suffer, long after the current residents of Earth are long gone, from our reckless, criminal and immoral attack, invasion, and occupation. Heartbreaking!!!

Wake up america....

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