Tuesday, August 03, 2010

John Koster and the Tea Party

Rick Larsen's campaign has a new informational video

Quote: “The Tea Party Movement, the Patriot Movement to me is one of the most exciting things to happen to this country for a long time.” -John Koster

The local Tea Party has been trying to clean up their image, but their extremist idea's haven't changed.

Goldy at HA caught something very important in Koster's statement: "The Tea Party Movement, the Patriot Movement to me is one of the most exciting things to happen to this country for a long time."

Goldy writes:"Just as disturbing is Koster’s praise of “the Patriot Movement,” long known for its white supremacist and anti-semitic rhetoric, and its close ties to the right-wing militia movement. Either Koster doesn’t really know what the Patriot Movement is, or more frightening… he does."

Read the whole thing HERE


Chris Nandor said...

"Informational video"? It's almost all one big lie from beginning to end.

The Confederate flag in the parade? Wasn't Koster's float: Larsen lied about that. And that flag was one of a couple dozen flags in a larger historical flag demonstration: Larsen lied by omitting that fact.

The quote from Adrian Rogers? That was about NEW TESTAMENT slavery: Larsen lied by omitting the context.

And of course Koster disowns almost everything that was shown there as coming from the "Tea Party" ... as would almost everyone in the Tea Party.

Just as Larsen disowns the Democrats (the LaRouchies) who put Hitler moustaches on Obama, and would likely disown the self-avowed Marxists, anarchists, and racists who affiliate themselves with the Democrats.

Dishonesty, thy name is Larsen.

CitizenSteve said...

Nice try Chris (aka pudge), but no one is going to be surprised that a rightwing zealot (and Koster supporter) like you would call this video a lie. You wouldn't recognize the truth if it came up and bit you on the ass. ;-)

Mom Di said...

I'm always amazed at the use of foul language on blogs like these. When one has little to say, one resorts to ad hominum attacks usually accompanied by cursing and/or coarseness. Why can progressives learn to use the language of civility?

mad Nomad said...

Here's one socialist for sending TEAbaggers to the gulags!

emily shorette said...

John Koster ... just another yapping wing-nut.


Jurgen said...

To smudge Nandor, every one is a liar, wrong, making it up. (And this from a hacker who got run out of Massachusetts for voter fraud involving sports statistics. He is nothing less than a Koster/Patriot Movement/Tea Party, right wing nut lackey. He is also about as closed minded and incapable of accurate analysis as they come. He is all over the sphere, but everywhere he goes it's still the same old tired story.