Sunday, September 26, 2010

What The Fork Is Goin' On?

The Everett Herald has an article about an attack ad, entitled "Fork in the Road", being run against Congressman Rick Larsen: "GOP group slams Larsen in TV ad and he slams them back ".

The ad is produced and paid for by a group called American Future Fund of Iowa (AFF), they've bought $607,720 worth of air time to run the attack ad.

Brooke Davis, Larsen's campaign manager, issued this statement in response to the ad:

“Shadowy, out-of-state special interests like the American Future Fund are not interested in Northwest Washington. They're interested in using anonymous political donations from multi-millionaires and billionaires to promote their own right-wing agenda – and candidates like John Koster that support it.

“Nothing could more clearly demonstrate the choice facing Washington voters than the contrast between Rick Larsen and the mysterious right-wing group backing his opponent.” (Everett Herald 9/24/10)
The right-wing multi-millionaire and billionaire donors behind this out-of-state group might be a secret, but we do know something about some of the low-life's inside AFF. Remember the "Willie Horton" ads and the "Swiftboating" of John Kerry?

That's right, the people inside AFF are the scumbags responsible for those lowest of low smear tactics: "Secrets of the American Future Fund ". And now they're trying to use their filthy tactics on Rick Larsen and other Democratic incumbents.

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Norma said...

Have you ever considered investigating the "left-wing multi-millionaire and billionaire donors" because they do exist, usually with the help of regulations from government to destroy their competition.