Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fire Fighters Cross-off WA State Senator Ericksen

→ The photo is from Saturdays Rally to Save the American Dream in Olympia. Why is the IAFF (Fire Fighters Union) crossing off Republican Doug Ericksen?
It's because DougE has taken a step too far toward the Ultra Rightwing. He, as an obedient tool of the plutocrats conspiracy to destroy the American middle class, sponsored SB 5345.
SB 5345 is one of several Bills intended to eliminate workers rights. Those Bills were written by Billionaire-backed Ultra-Rightwing think-tanks and introduced by Republican state legislators in nearly every State in the Union.
Washington Federation of State Employees

2/23/11 HOTLINE: Union urges senators to reject Indiana-style health cost increases here; where we're at after first committee cut-off


Non-fiscal bills had to clear their committees by Monday. Those that didn’t can be considered when the Legislature re-convenes in 2012. Or if any exception is made or the bills become budget provisos.

With those cautions, here’s a quick rundown of bills that remain alive and those that appear to be dead for this session:

• Wisconsin-style rollback bills proposed by Senate Republicans all died in the Senate Labor, Commerce and Consumer Protection Committee without a hearing: SB 5349 (repeal collective bargaining), SB 5347 (repeal employees’ union rights) and SB 5345 (contracting out rights). [/snip]

Fortunately, DougE's Bill is dead, for this session. But, as long as he's still in the State Legislature, expect him to continue to ignore what's good for his constituents in the 42nd LD and slavishly introduce Bills written by Ultra-Rightwing outsiders.

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