Tuesday, November 20, 2012

dear president obama

and all who care about our descendants home..... late at night when i read an email asking for feedback i thought sure, i'm rich with opinions and ideas .  i think mostly it was trying, as near as i could tell,  to just plug me in to a campaign slot and i zoomed thru most of it, only answering the odd question.  n finally there was a last question to the effect of what's on your mind..... here's my "let's get started" list.....

 we must save the planet for our descendents.

 stop barbaric extraction. coal should go the way of whale oil yesterday.

 end the fossil fuel orgy

 hemp is not a drug, we should immediately start growing this plant as if our descendents future depended on it. (watch the movie "hemp and the rule of law" to understand)

 quit using our precious water supplies for barbaric extraction (hydraulic fracturing) and dangerous expensive nuclear energy production.

 no dirty tar to go thru our country.

 single payer healthcare

 end the "industrial complex profit everything" for anything that involves our commons.

 all of the above would be a good start

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