Monday, January 09, 2017

orange times

 Subjecting us all to the orange fascist is just like playing with fire on the 4th of july … are getting your rocks off and endangering all of us. The prevaricator in chief coming to an earth near you.

 I am still struggling to understand how so many among us could put all of the earth in such peril. And there is not nearly enough dark humor to cover this one. I have a strong need to stand with the many in my community who get it. I am fucking pissed. Right now all I can do is try to really believe most of the rubes did not mean it. as we continue our race to the bottom less of us will be comfortable and distracted.(bread and circus) This morning I have the luxury of meeting with my tree board friend and talk about rain gardens. The city of Ferndale is interested.

 Oh and thank you Meryl Streep


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