Saturday, January 15, 2005

millions for marketing.....

brace yourself effie! they are getting ready to raid the mostly fiscally sound successful government program we have. these people have no shame. when will America wake up??

..........With resistance hardening among congressional Republicans, the White House is escalating efforts to restructure Social Security this year. There will be campaign-style events to win support, precision targeting of vulnerable lawmakers and, as Republicans indicated earlier, television ads to discredit opponents and prop up the Bush plan.
The same architects of Bush's political victories will mastermind the campaign, led by political strategists Karl Rove at the White House and Ken Mehlman at the Republican National Committee.
Bush set the tone for this campaign-style lobbying this week with a speech promoting his plan. During an appearance at Catholic University in Washington yesterday, Vice President Dick Cheney sought to counter criticism of the plan's risks, saying that limiting investment options should keep the accounts safe and that harnessing the power of the stock market should provide a far higher rate of return than Social Security reserves now enjoy.

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