Saturday, January 15, 2005

nicely said Bob

Bush doesn't let truth get in way of agenda

I find it hard to understand why Republican deficit spending is "good" policy while Democratic deficit spending was the root evil of the free world. Social Security is not broken. When President Bush and his mouthpieces tell us that, we have to remember weapons of mass destruction and the mess in Iraq that he has got us into.
This is not an administration that lets truth get in the way of its ideological agenda.
Taking on trillions of dollars of debt to "help" future generations be dependent on Wall Street and big finance for retirement seems cruel. I think it would be a better approach to make the smaller systemic adjustments now to Social Security and then roll back the big tax cuts to the rich and spread them around to the rest of us so we could use that money now to do what we wish to prepare for our retirement.
Bob Tourtelot
Lummi Island

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