Friday, February 02, 2007

after a roadtrip.......

just a few thoughts, after a variety of interactions on a trip to eastern Washington. hmm....just a little hope is what i'm looking for. i have a hard time when i see the lack of urgency as it is drowning in physical comfort and distraction. and then i had an infusion of hope from the streets of Lynden and it's enough to keep going.

One way to improve our chance of survival is to completely change the way we act in the world. As long as we are killing each other and destroying homelands to control dwindling natural resources no one will survive.
We must never leave a mess when taking natural resource from anywhere on earth. All people who live where there is natural resource extraction must thrive. Poverty and hunger and violence can change the human spirit. Especially when others display conspicuous over consumption with entitlement and arrogance.
We will have to dramatically change how we live. As long as we over consume and kill and die for control of natural resources no one will survive. The earth is about to kick us out for the way we are abusing it. How much is enough? What do we need to be happy?? All of us should be asking ourselves these questions as if our children’s lives depended on it. The future will bring us a chance to work together with all people on earth to save our home. We will fail if we look for someone to call “them” and blame for the challenge we are facing. The Cubans recently faced such a challenge and called it “the special period.” They have much to offer the rest of the world if we can listen.

America, it’s way past time to pull over and get directions.

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