Saturday, February 17, 2007

Don Young (R-AK) Is No Friend of Lincoln

Rep. Don Young (R) of Alaska recited a fake Lincoln quote on the floor of the House and won't take it back. The gist of the faux-quote was that Congress members who criticize the President's war plans should be killed.

David at Orcinus makes the point:
Moreover, even though he now acknowledges that the quote was phony, he very much meant to say exactly what he said:
Young will not repeat the quote, Kenny said, but stands behind the point he was making.
So now, by the Don Young Standard, anyone who dissents from the Bush administration's approach to the war in Congress should be subject to capital punishment. Lord knows what to do with average rabble, but one must presume concentration camps and Zyklon play a role.
I think maybe Alaska's Russian heritage has seeped into Don Young's brain and altered his thought process. From what he says, he'd be much happier on the other side of the Bering Strait; where the press is censored and critics of the President are gunned-down or poisoned.

The description of todays Russian government sure sounds like Apparatchik Young's dream come true:

... From the Kremlin’s point of view, control over society entails the executive authority’s control over the courts, the Prosecutor General’s Office and the parliament; that is, control over the very institutions that should be independent of the executive branch in a democracy.

In a real democracy, public order is maintained by judges who don’t take bribes, police who don’t imprison innocent people, and military officers who defend the country without trading in soldiers as a human commodity. In the Kremlin’s view, order results when the courts, the parliament and the defense minister, who happens to be Putin’s personal friend in this case, all answer to the president. As for how they deal with the masses of humanity entrusted to their care, that is just a personal matter between friends. ...
(Opinion - Consolidating Power - The St. Petersburg Times)

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