Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sunday - Failed President Day

George W. Bush is a Failed President and a Disgrace to America.

Nevermind questionable vote counting. Forget about the faked Intel that took us into war with Iraq.

There are two newspaper articles published today that are all the evidence any sane person needs to be convinced that George Bush is a Failed President.

The first and most disgraceful is from the Washington Post, relating the horrific neglect that our wounded troops are forced to endure. Not at the hands of Iraqi Insurgents, but by the under-funding and neglect of the Bush Administration. The President who's never passed up a chance at a photo-op with the Troops as background, has consciously abandoned those Troops after they've been injured. Could anything be more disgusting?

And as if it weren't enough that Bush has abandoned our wounded Troops; he has betrayed them further by abandoning the core mission of the war on terror. While Bush is pre-occupied with trying to get his popularity poll numbers up by "surging" in Baghdad, Osama bin Laden and his deputy, Ayman al-Zawahri are laughing their asses off as they rebuild Al Qaeda training camps in North Waziristan.

Congressman Jack Murtha was right when he said: "Who wants us to stay in Iraq? In my opinion, Iran and Al Qaeda, because we intensify the very radical extremism we claim to be fighting against, while at the same time depleting our financial and human resources."

Right-wing echo-heads may have been busy regurgitating RNC smears , but in reality Democrats have said over and over again that we need to turn Iraq over to the Iraqi's, redeploy our troops and refocus on securing Afghanistan and destroying Al Qaeda.

Bush and Cheney need to either swallow their pride, accept reality and switch to the Democrats winning strategy or step down and allow Nancy Pelosi to lead our nation to victory over our real enemy, Al Qaeda.

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