Friday, April 20, 2007

Americans Say Give Immigrants Path to Citizenship

Immigration is not at the top of the list of issues that the American people are most concerned about. Even though it's not a top priority, a large majority of Americans see a need for reasonable immigration law reform.
Public favors giving illegal immigrants a break

WASHINGTON — While Congress and the White House remain divided over what to do with the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants living in the USA, a new poll shows the American public appears to have reached a consensus on the question.

A USA TODAY/Gallup Poll taken last weekend found that 78% of respondents feel people now in the country illegally should be given a chance at citizenship.

Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., who is drafting legislation to grant illegal immigrants an opportunity to stay in the USA, said: "As with so many issues, the American people are ahead of Washington on immigration reform. They know that only a plan that offers a path to earned citizenship will fix our broken system." ...(more)

The far-right front group Judicial Watch has also commissioned a poll. It has loaded questions, of course. So you may hear some righties spewing phony poll numbers along with the rest of their Nativist/racist rhetoric.

Arm yourself with some honest information. Take the time to read about what our immigration laws are really like and learn just how anti-Family Values they really are.


Janls said...

After viewing and discussing the DVD "Restoring the Right to Due Process" last night, I felt a deep sadness about what is happening to the unfortunate people whose lives have been taken away thru incarceration and deportation when they have really done nothing to deserve such severe punishment.
The individual stories and suffering when families lose their mother or father, or child is abominable. We in this country cannot allow such horrors against our immigrants and citizens to continue. We need to change our cultural paradigm and build a culture based on human rights for all.

Ozy said...

From Zogby 04/22/07
Border security and immigration was cited as the number one issue facing the United States in terms of domestic security by 36%, while 23% say the rise in anti-Americanism is the top issue and 15% cite Islamic radicalization.

Americans are divided on whether domestic or foreign terrorists post the greater threat to domestic security, though slightly more 45% are most concerned about foreign terrorists, while 42% believe terrorists originating and training the United States pose the greatest threat.

The majority (59%) believe the more effective way to deal with the potential treat to national security posed by millions of illegal immigrants living within the United States is to crack down on illegal immigration by toughening the enforcement of existing laws, deporting illegal immigrants and prosecuting the employers who illegally employ workers. But nearly a third (32%) favor creating a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants so that they no longer have to live in the shadows of society and can live without fear of prosecution.

More than half (56%) said they don’t believe the construction of a wall between the U.S. and Mexico will make the U.S. safer from terrorist threats, but 41% believe a wall could increase safety. While 40% believe immigration reform, including the creation of a guest worker program, will make the U.S. safer from terrorist threats, even more (50%) don’t think it will help.

Nearly a third (32%) believe the security of the Southern border with Mexico is the immigration issue that presents the greatest threat to U.S. security, while 18% are most concerned about the visa waiver program which allows citizens from allied national to visit the U.S. without applying for a visa in advance and 13% say the Student Exchange program with Middle Eastern nations poses the biggest threat.