Monday, April 09, 2007

Anti-Border Vigilante March Ends at Peace Arch

Apr. 7, 2007
Hunger strikers set to oppose Minutemen


BELLINGHAM — Local immigrant advocates are planning a weekend-long hunger strike and march to the Peace Arch to protest the activities of the Washington Minuteman Civil Defense Corps.

Rosalinda Guillen, executive director of the Community to Community group, said she and fellow member Aline Soundy will begin their fast and march at 6 a.m. this morning, starting from their office at 203 W. Holly St.

They expect to arrive at the Peace Arch about 9:30 Monday morning, and they have invited others to join them for at least a portion of the event.

Guillen said she decided to mount her protest after learning about the latest plans for a “muster” of the Minuteman group at the Whatcom County border. She contends that the group is stirring up anti-Hispanic sentiment and making all Hispanic county residents feel uncomfortable.

“We are in this community and we are part of this community,” Guillen said.

Late this morning Rosalinda and Aline arrived at the Peace Arch on the Canadian border.

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