Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Dan Pike is running for Mayor of Bellingham

our letter writer group had the opportunity to meet with Dan Pike, a candidate for Mayor of the city of Bellingham today and i was very impressed with his qualifications and experience.

several things he said really resonated with me. he talked about the how valuable the talents and ideas of citizens will be to finding the solutions we need to go forward. this is reflected in his platform at his web site. he also spoke about finding new solutions to problems and it is certainly my opinion that we will be facing some challenges in the next few years that will require all of us working together. his ability to bring people together in past planning and policy experience is impressive.

i liked his emphasis on us deciding how we go forward. we don't have to accept some out of the region cookie-cutter idea about how we should do retail in our community.

on a personal note he talked about downsizing his own living space to have less of an impact and i was very impressed with that. i believe we must change how we live but i don't feel a lot of people are receptive to some of the changes i think are going to be critical. his informed, relaxed, explanations for rethinking our future choices will go along ways to influencing hearts and minds. even though i don't live in Bellingham and will not be voting for Mayor(although Dan did point out there was still time to move!) i know how important this position will be for this region.

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