Thursday, April 19, 2007

Pigs Fed Poison Pet Food - Are We Next?

Goldy at has been on top of the latest news about poisonous pet food. Originally it was found that wheat gluten contaminated with melamine had been used in pet food. Next the contaminate was found in rice gluten. And then in corn gluten. Goldy's last update said that the FDA had confirmed that the pet food had been fed to pigs.

And guess what:
(AP) CERES A Stanislaus County hog farm was placed under quarantine after an industrial chemical that's tainted more than 100 brands of dog and cat food was found in pig urine there, state agriculture officials said late Thursday. ...

... State officials believe the melamine came from rice protein concentrate imported from China by Diamond Pet Food's Lathrop facility, which produces products under the Natural Balance brand and sold salvage pet food to the farm for pig feed. ... (full article)
It seems the Chinese have really really taken to laissez-faire capitalism. Perhaps people who poison food to fake a higher protein content and make an extra buck or two shouldn't be on our most favored nation list.

It also seems that our USDA and FDA aren't doing their job of making sure what we eat is safe to eat. I would say some heads should roll... but if they did, they'd probably end up contaminating somebodies dog food.

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