Monday, June 11, 2007

Bellingham Conservatives Have The Blues

This morning Bellingham Herald Opinion Editor Scott Ayers (no relation to former Whatcom County Republican Party Chairman Bruce Ayers) was chronicling the sad condition of conservatives in Bellingham. It seems Bill Gorman's withdrawal from the Mayors race leaves conservatives with no one to vote for.

What makes it doubly sad for Bellingham's conservatives is that Bill Gorman is a former chairman of the Whatcom County Democrats.

Scott wonders: "So what’s a conservative Bellingham resident to do now? Are there any candidates that can truly be called fiscally conservative or "business first?""

and I wonder, would conservative Bellingham resident's prefer a fiscally conservative like Duke Cunningham or a business first-er like Jack Abramoff . Or perhaps they're longing for politics Alaska style. [/snark]

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