Tuesday, June 12, 2007

STOP-LOSS Vigil - Knappenberger on Democracy Now!

Evan Knappenberger's Tower Guard Vigil is over, but his activism isn't.
Iraq Vets Evan Knappenberger and Adam Kokesh were interviewed by Amy Goodman on Democracy Now! Evan talked a little about his experiences in Iraq and about the STOP-LOSS policies that are keeping many troops in Iraq after their enlistments are over.

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Lietta Ruger said...

Excellent work Bellingham! Evan on Democracy Now with Adam Kokesh of IVAW and Operation First Casualty. Adam, who is now being threatened by military (Marines) with having his honorable discharge taken away and given less than honorable discharge instead for his action of wearing partial uniform in Operation First Casualty. More like because his photo in the article on Operation First Casualty in Washington DC was carried on Washington Post.

Good going, Evan, and thank you, Sir, for what you are doing in trying to call attention to the military use of 'Stop Loss' to create an involuntary military. The military trying to meet an obligation placed upon them by Commander in Chief in citing a national emergency in Iraq at the requisite 12 month intervals is what causes or permits the military to exercise the back door 'stop loss' extensions.