Monday, June 18, 2007

NewsHour Reports on Ft. Lewis Iraq Casualties

Fort Lewis Memorializes Fallen Soldiers from Iraq War
Washington's Fort Lewis, the nation's third-largest Army post, has endured numerous losses from the Iraq war, many from Stryker brigades that patrol Baghdad. NewsHour correspondent Lee Hochberg reports on how the base is coping with the deaths.
Soldier playing 'Taps'


"LEE HOCHBERG, NewsHour Correspondent: Last month was the deadliest month of the war for Washington state's Fort Lewis, the nation's third-largest Army post. Twenty soldiers from the post lost their lives in Iraq. In June, there have already been 13 more deaths, 30 percent of all the U.S. military deaths in Iraq this month."

"... had planned to leave the Army after this, his third combat tour."
"... On his second deployment to Iraq, he was scheduled to have returned home, but his tour was extended."
"... on his second tour of duty"
"... On his second deployment to Iraq"

It's always tragic to lose people in war, but it's doubly criminal when soldiers, having already fulfilled their duty, are sent back over and over again until they are killed in this Republican Party Act of Aggression.

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