Sunday, June 17, 2007

Some Things You Should Know.

A small chunk of information from David Michael Green's article "What Every American Should Know About Iraq":

* As a result of the war, America is far more hated today throughout much of the world, especially the Mid-East, and is seen as a imperialist power. The Iraq invasion thus played directly into the hands of Islamic radicals like Osama bin Laden.

* America’s own intelligence agencies concede that Iraq has become a giant factory for the minting of new terrorists, where almost none existed prior to the invasion.

* Terrorist incidents worldwide have gone up seven-fold since, and largely because of, the invasion of Iraq.

What is the 'Unitary Executive' doing about this terrible situation?
AP reports:
... In between showers on Saturday, Bush squeezed in a bike ride at his ranch. But Sunday brought a downpour so heavy that high water covered the road leading into Crawford. ...

Bush flew back to Washington aboard Air Force One later in the day.

On Monday, Bush is scheduled to attend a Republican National Committee luncheon in Washington, sign a bill and meet with NCAA championship teams on the South Lawn....
And a little more from "What Every American Should Know About Iraq":

* To say that there was never a plan for the post-war occupation of Iraq is technically incorrect. There was an extensive plan which the State Department had put together, working with experts and Iraqi exiles. But Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld didn’t want the State Department to have the credit and control for the occupation, so he and Bush threw State’s document in the garbage. Then there was no plan.

* Most of the Americans sent to staff the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) had no technical or professional training or experience in the work to which they were assigned. Rather, they were chosen because they were Republican Party loyalists.

* One of the most significant blunders the United States committed during the occupation was to dismiss the entire Iraqi Army, sending them home unemployed and armed, along with anyone associated with the Ba’ath Party, despite the fact that everyone who wanted to work at a professional level anywhere in Iraqi society had been forced under Saddam to join the Party. The first Chief Executive of the CPA, General Jay Garner, refused to purge all Ba’athists from Iraqi governing institutions, and instead sought to maximize Iraqi control of the post-war government as much as possible. He was quickly fired.

As you can see the callous indifference of Bush and his Republican accomplice's is exceeded only by their gross incompetence.

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