Saturday, June 16, 2007

radical cheerleaders in Bellingham

it was fun to chat with the Radical Cheerleaders when we went to the farmers market today. i am so inspired when i see the young people doing great things. thanks cheerleaders, you give me hope!!!!!

in their own words......

...."Although this may be the first time you've heard of us, radical cheerleading is not new to Bellingham. We've been around for years. Our squad is a mix of students, activists, radicals, Feminists and of course cheerleaders. For those of you who have never seen us cheer, radical cheerleading is a form of performance protest.
What we do best is get people riled up at events. Most recently we performed at the Take Back the Night Rally at WWU. We led the march through downtown and back to campus. We also kicked off the 5K pro-choice run at Lake Padden. This event was put on by Naral and Pro-choice Washington.
If you want to check us out we will be performing Saturday the 23rd of June at Seattle gay Pride.


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