Sunday, January 27, 2008

more John Edwards supporters meet.....

some more John Edwards supporters met was an informed, enthusiastic, inspiring crowd!!

everyone shared the reasons they support John Edwards and how we will get more people to caucus for John Edwards. the overwhelming take home for me was....this is not anywhere near over. going to caucus for John Edwards is really important. he has said he is in it until national and those of us who believe in his message should be too. people spoke eloquently about his economic message, his healthcare message, his position on the Iraq occupation and many other issues.....

we will meet for a caucus planning potluck ....Saturday Feb 2nd .....more information to follow
click HERE to contact Whatcom4Edwards.

i look forward to caucus on Feb 9th. the delegate count so far is still close. our delegate counts may be very important.
caucus information can be found at Whatcom Democrats
candidate presentation by local Democrats here
this is a site i like for delegate numbers and beyond

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