Thursday, January 31, 2008

We sink or swim together

This opinion piece is in the Northern Light Blaines weekly paper. It's some very good food for thought.
Who comes first?
By Billy Frank, Jr.
Chair, Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission

Minority state house leader Richard DeBolt asked this important
question recently, criticizing salmon protection measures he believes contribute
to increased flooding in the region.

He’s understandably upset because his community of Chehalis was ravaged
by this winter’s floods. Our hearts go out to the thousands of people in western
Washington who suffered through some of the worst flooding in decades.

Salmon and people are not in a race. There is no first or second place.
People and salmon must succeed together. ...

... Clearly, we need to focus our energies on helping the people of western
Washington recover from the devastating floods. But let’s not let that deter our
mission to recover the salmon resource—a true indicator of our own well

Tribes have always known that people and salmon share the same boat
when it comes to survival. We sink or swim together. With that in mind we should
be better prepared for the next big flood. (full article)


mad Nomad said...

All this flooding was God's punishment of the gays.

mad Nomad said...