Friday, February 01, 2008

Progressive Radio On Air in Bellingham

With little fanfare Cascade Radio Group, owners of Bellingham radio stations KAFE KISM, KGMI, KPUG & KBAI, has switched the format of KBAI 930AM to Progressive Talk. There was an article in yesterdays B'ham Herald and today it's on the air...

Progessive radio station debuts in Bellingham
A new radio station is on the air in Bellingham. A-M 930 has changed its format from "good time oldies" to "progressive talk." The lineup includes Thom Hartman, Stephanie Miller, Randi Rhodes, Ed Schultz, Rachel Maddow and Alan Colmes. Local Progressive Talk show host Joe Teehan will simulcast his 6 p-m show on both KGMI and the new AM 930. (source: KGMI Local News)

For those with technical curiosity:

KBAI-AM Technical Info:
Status - Licensed Class B AM Station
Area of Coverage View Daytime Coverage Map, View Nighttime Coverage Map

Hours of Operation - Unlimited
Antenna Mode - Directional - Nighttime Only
Daytime Transmitter Power - 1000 Watts
Nighttime Transmitter Power - 500 Watts
License Granted - August 10 2006
License Expires - February 01 2014


Ozy said...

They need a website in order to help support them! So glad we have them so lets try to keep them!

Poindexter P. Parkenfarker said...

It's as lame as the old hippie geezer music they played on KBAI.
KPUG is the only cascade radio station that is worth listening to.

mon said...

I agree ozy...I can't wait for a website. I must have checked for one about 20 times yesterday, hoping that something would magically pop up. Maybe a good way we can help them for now is to support their on-air advertisers?

Roni said...

A personal friend of mine, Richard Gage, founder of Architects for 911 Truth, will be in Bellingham this Friday evening to do a presentation on his analysis of the collapse of the Twin Towers, et al. I'd love to see a strong showing from those of you who've followed some of this controversy as well as those who've not taken a serious look at this issue. Here are the details:

Special Guest - Richard Gage in a Live Presentation
Friday, March 21, 7-9 PM
Architect Richard Gage has done extensive research into anomalies of the administration’s official conspiracy theory.

His theories are controversial, yet seem to be backed by scientific analysis.

Come to this free multimedia presentation and be part of the Architect & Engineering Challenge Contest

Hear local Architects and engineers ask Richard the tough questions. Ask some yourself.

WWU Communications Facility room 115 (CF115) is located on the northeast corner of the campus, west of the free parking lot off Bill McDonald Pkwy

Anonymous said...
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ntmeee said...

C'mon, KBAI --- get a website. I cannot get a steady AM signal where I live and I want to stream you.