Friday, February 01, 2008

Deficit Dino

It seems the luster has just gone from Dino Rossi's one claim to fame, a budget deal he struck during his one and only term as a state senator.

Rossi's campaign has been yammering about a six year projection that sez Governor Gregoire's 2007 would lead to a $2.5 billion deficit in 2013. The trouble with Rossi's finger-point about budgets is that when the same six year projection is applied to the 2003 budget he claims as his own, it shows that HIS deficit will be $5 billion!

Josh Feit at Slog has the ugly details.

So... with a Rossi budget that has a 'projected' deficit double Gregoires, should we start calling him Deficit Dino? Or maybe instead of 'Dino Rossi (R)' we should all be writing 'Dino Rossi (har har har)'.

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mad Nomad said...

Man, what a douche. How can people claim they like this looser?