Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bush Has The Magic, But Won't Use It

Today at his press conference:

Bush acknowledged it could take years before opening the Continental Shelf to oil drilling would result in increased U.S. production. But, he said, at least it would put the nation on the right track toward reducing its reliance on imported oil.

"There is no short term solution," Bush said. "The president doesn't have a magic wand. You can't just say, 'Low gas."

Guess what, with a 28% approval rating, Bush may not have The magic but went it comes to gas prices the President DOES have a magic wand! It's called the Strategic Petroleum Reserve and the President has the power to release oil from the reserve.

Presidents have done it in the past and gasoline prices have dropped within days.

As a matter of fact, Bush released oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve after Hurricane Katrina and the price of gas dropped by 12% within a month.

So the truth is; Bush has that magic, Strategic Petroleum Reserve, wand tucked away and isn't using it. He's interested in locking up off-shore oil leases for his Big-Oil buddies and he's willing to screw-over average Americans with higher than necessary gas prices to get Congress to approve those oil-leases.

Don't be a sucker: it's George Bush not Congress who could bring down gasoline prices right away.

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