Monday, July 14, 2008

Flanders Campaign in Ferndale, Next Saturday

Mark Flanders (D), candidate for the State Legislature, will be holding a campaign event in Ferndale, next Saturday. Mark's gathering will be in Pioneer Park, a public park, and open to regular folks.
Committee to Elect Mark Flanders
P.O. Box 1765, Bellingham, WA 98227-1765
phone 360-201-6599

Mark Flanders, State House Candidate, To Hold Ferndale Campaign Event

Mark Flanders, Democratic Candidate for the State Legislature's 42ndDistrict, Position One, is hosting a "Meet the Candidate Barbeque -Picnic" Saturday, July 19th at 5:30 pm in Ferndale's Pioneer Park.

Everyone interested in getting to know the candidate is invited to "Bring some food, bring some friends, or just bring yourself."

Mark Flanders says he is working to unseat the long-time Republican incumbent. "High gas prices, the housing market collapse, the energy crisis scandal, an unwise war paid for on borrowed money and the declining value of the dollar are no longer just evening news items.They are having a direct, negative impact on our State and our local communities. The incumbent fully embraces the worst of the Republican policies and at some point stopped representing the people of Whatcom County and started representing the GOP agenda", Flanders said.

Flanders believes that achieving our priorities will take time and a balance of resources. Flanders said, "We need to fully fund public education, because the cost of NOT funding education is staggering. We need transportation money to sustain our roads and support public transit. Currently we get only 50 cents on the dollar from the gas tax, even though my opponent sits on the transportation committee. Adopting green energy and transportation options will free us of our dependence on oil. We have already begun to develop new alternative technologies right here in Whatcom County. We must support our farmers and keep our industrial jobs, while working to keep a clean environment and restore our fisheries. We need to plan for growth in such a way that the Whatcom County 50 or 100 years from now is as wonderful a place as it is today."

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