Sunday, July 13, 2008

Just for fun....Bellingham Bloggers Fest II a success

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Bellingham Bloggers Fest II a success

Our blogger fests seem to be much quicker than other blog fests in how often we have them. We’ve had two this summer, so far. I can see another one happening.

This blog fest was, again, at a Bellingham Bells baseball game. Democrats and Republicans met and watched America’s past time together. Jpeg of Washington Outsiders was able to meet TripleP of the Parkenfarker Group.

And we had a pleasant surprise of former Bellingham City Council candidate Damon Gray showing up. Damon is now on Bellingham’s Greenway Advisory Committee, though he told me tonight that since his appointment a few weeks ago by Mayor Dan Pike that he’s only had kind of an introduction meeting.

Thanks to you all for showing up. CitizenSteve was called a “fuddy duddy” for not showing up, by the way. TripleP even brought his wife. I brought mine, too. It’s nice that we have a community here, where, though I report the news, you all can spend time chatting with me in other environs save for this blog. We had conservative and liberal together tonight. There was no fighting. All smiles. Except when the Bells lost.

And that’s what makes this blog special. Thanks, as always, for participating.
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a few photos and short videos at the game.....

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