Sunday, August 31, 2008

do deficits matter???

click on image to bring it into full view

thanks button man extraordinaire for this wonderful graphic. next time one of those fiscal conservatives tries to make the case pull this one out.
what do we have to show for it????? more people falling into poverty, more people with no health care, crumbling infrastructure........hmmmm.
but the war profiteers are doing better than ever before.......good luck to future generations.
do we really want more of the same mcsame??????
wake up america!!!


Poindexter Prometheus Parkenfarker said...

It might be interesting to add congress to the picture as has been done by several WSJ graphics folks. Usually the national deficit decreases when you have gridlock between the executive and legislative branches as pictured by the final years of the Clinton administration.
Clinton did well as he knew he couldn't veto congress' budget.

As for the national debt.
This needs to be addressed by both parties.

Poindexter Prometheus Parkenfarker said...

jpeg, for you I'll go and actually look for a source document...;)
The one I'm looking for also has a similar graphic with the National Deficit as a percentage of the gross domestic product.

regardless, excessive government spending needs to be reigned in by all regardless of wins in November...least that's what I think.

jpeg said...

yes the corporatists and war profiteers are hovering around both parties. i will push my party to end corporate welfare and stop funding the military industrial complex, pharmaceutical industrial complex, the prison industrial complex, insurance industrial complex and all the pigs at the trough who are bankrupting this nation in every way.
i am about taxing and spending for the benefit of all of us not borrowing and stealing. we are facing hard times ahead with the dwindling resources worldwide, over population and climate change. we will have to drastically change our lifestyle if our descendents are going to have the slightest chance for survival. the greed is good mentality is taking us over the cliff full speed ahead. i will be pushing for us to come together with the rest of the world and make the resources left really count. using our resources for wargasm and military buildup is suicidal. it will be hard to stop the pigs at the trough tho....they are very powerful and entitled and don't have much use for the rabble. (other than as cannon fodder)

mad Nomad said...

The simple truth is exactly what Obama (and every socialist economics professor of the last 150 years) has been saying: republican fiscal policies (feed the rich and hope that there are enough leftovers for the poor) are outdated and never worked to begin with.

Minimum wage today is only worth 60% of what it was in 1964.

The poor are poorer, and the rich are richer, and the deficit is growing under poor leadership and deformed policy.

The republican pigs have corrupted this country, and left us all high and dry.