Friday, August 29, 2008

Gov. Gregoire Talks To McJoan

Governor Gregoire stopped by the bloggers "Big Tent" at the convention and spoke with McJoan of DailyKos (She's one of us Northwesterners!).

Governor Christine Gregoire discusses the Convention, Western politics, and her opponent Dino Rossi's attitude towards women's issues.


mad Nomad said...

I found a Dino "Saur" Rossi sign the other day, just lying on the sidewalk. Look like someone just pulled it out. Anyway, it felt real good tearing it up. I feel like I just donated $30 to Gregoire!

Poindexter Prometheus Parkenfarker said...

Ah, so your a vandal too.
Gee and I thought only teenagers behaved like juveniles.
Most of the Vets I know have a lot more self discipline than that.

Whenever I find my neighbors' Democrat signs blown over after a windstorm I put 'em back up. It's the neighborly thing to do.

Did you really serve our country or are you just pretending?

If you did and you're really this angry, you might want to visit with Glenn Newton.

He served in Viet Nam and is very good at assisitng folks who have served in combat and also civilian emergency services who have experienced things that no one should have to.

mad Nomad said...

Yes, I did serve this country. Did you ever torture anybody? It fucks you up. You really want to know why I am so angry? I doubt it.

And fuck you, asshole. Just hope that law and order are always present and available in this country.

mad Nomad said...

You obviously wouldn't understand. But does that surprise anyone? Professor Poindexter, too afraid to serve in the wars he advocates, too afraid to take a science course at the community college, wants to lecture the elitists about war, global warming, and now, about PTSD.

You fucking pig.

Poindexter Prometheus Parkenfarker said...

"Just hope that law and order are always present and available in this country."

yer the only one lecturing poopsie...bye.

mad Nomad said...

Go eat shit poindexter. Keep stompin them grapes, and when you've actually got something worthwhile to contribute, then maybe we'll listen to you.

It's never too late to get some education.