Thursday, August 28, 2008

Gregoire on Washington's Energy Future

At the Democratic Convention in Denver, Bill Scher (LiberalOasis) interviewed Governor Gregiore about Washington's advances toward a 21st Century energy infrastructure, with clean energy and green-collar jobs.

Interview with Gov. Chris Gregoire at the DNC

WA Gov. Gregoire discusses her record on clean energy and green-collar jobs.


mad Nomad said...

I wonder what Dino "Saur" Rossi's environmental and jobs plan will be. If I had to guess: the GOP governor will make the inferior races peddle bikes at the power plants for less than minimum wage.

mad Nomad said...

Thus combining all the tenets of GOP fascism: 1) White republican superiority 2) sustainable slavery 3) sustainable energy.

Poindexter P. Parkenfarker said...

sustainable slavery?
I thought that the Democrats walked out of the halls of congress and made Jefferson Davis their prsident?

I didn't know we had inferior races in this state.

I learn somethin' new every day from you educated fellars.

mad Nomad said...

Yeah, but you still refuse to recognize that JESUS WAS A SOCIALIST and HATES WAR.

mad Nomad said...

Yeah, Republicans freed the slaves. That is why black people vote republican.

The GOP is racist bunch cowards.

Poindexter Prometheus Parkenfarker said...

I'm still wondering who the 'inferior' races are.

I don't think any body is inferior because of their heritage.
especially my Native parts...