Saturday, August 16, 2008

President Gore says tax what we burn, not what we earn

last month President Gore challenged us to break our addiction to the disasterous carbon based fuels and save our planet for future generations. if we actually add the real cost to the extraction and burning of fossil fuels, suddenly solar, wind and geothermal begin to look like a real bargain. and the new infrastructure we will create will mean good jobs for humans. blowing the tops off the world's second most diverse forest on the planet, 2nd only to the tropical rain forest, is an ongoing environmental disaster. and that's before the coal is even burned. killing and dying so the corporatists can secure the oil in countries where other humans are trying to live is bankrupting our nation in every way.
thank you President Gore for once again asking us to do the right thing......

100% zero carbon energy in 10 years!

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