Monday, August 18, 2008

R.I.P. Bill Gwatney

Bill Gwatney, Chair of the Arkansas Democratic Party, was gunned down by Timothy Johnson for reasons that are still unclear. The killing has the appearance of a political assassination, motivated by rightwing/conservative propaganda, but we may never know for sure because Johnson was killed when he opened fire on police after he had killed Gwatney.

What is clear, the same rightwing religious nuts who protest at military funerals showed up to protest at Gwatney's funeral.

From the Arkansas Times, Arkansas Blog:
And, yes, I know, additionally, that hateful cranks are among us. (See jump.)

Investigation note: Police so far have nothing further to release about items taken from suspected slayer Timothy Johnson's home. These included a note with "Gwatney" written on it and a telphone number; some car keys with Gwatney dealership emblems, and papers and a personal computer. Detectives are going over the evidence for clues to why Johnson sought Gwatney last Wednesday and then shot him at his office at Democratic Party headquarters on Capitol Avenue.

The kook protesters set up at Lee and Van Buren, but were surrounded by the old fellows on motorcycles -- the Patriot Guard -- who've taken it upon themselves to shield the wackos from normal folks at veterans' funerals.


mad Nomad said...

Kamikaze-style aggression. Hey, conservatives, you can't stop global progress.

I think that todays conservatives listening to the trashy Savages and OReillys are only a step away from burning black churches.

And why not? They advocate murder of people whom they deem "terrorists" and they love the death penalty. (And yet they say that abortion is murder). They advocate for internment camps for people of middle eastern descent. They advocate for waterboarding, having never witnessed it. They advocate war, having never witnessed it.

Someone should tell them that JESUS HATES THEIR FUCKING WARS and that abortion is irrelevant to your getting into heaven as long as your heart is filled with disdain and your mind with foreign occupation.

Until the Savages and Coulters and Goebbels of the world are silenced there will always be conservative terrorists willing to shoot up universalist churches and pride parades.

mad Nomad said...

and start concentration camps for the "others."

There is a whole bunch of philosophy on the ontology of fascism; too bad conservatives only read Coulter.