Sunday, September 21, 2008

5th Annual International Day of Peace

today was a great day of hope!!! so many good hearted people gathered to share the energy and we all left ready to continue........thank you everybody!!
thank you Whatcom Peace & Justice Center!!!!!!

Freedom is Coming -Kulshan Chorus

Marie Marchand introduced Doris Ferm, a member of Bellingham Friends Meeting and a longtime peace activist, who was awarded the Howard Harris Lifetime Peacemaker Award..

nice coverage at Captain's Log
read Marie's piece at Whatcom View at the Bellingham Herald

Doris Kent invites all to come see The Corporal's Diary at the Pickford Cinema October 15 - 16

Keynote Speaker:
Nobel Peace Prize Nominee Kathy Kelly co-founded Voices in the Wilderness, a campaign that worked to end the UN/US sanctions against the people of Iraq. She has been to Iraq twenty four times since January 1996, and stayed there through the US bombing campaign in March 2003. Kathy has also participated in nonviolent direct action teams in Haiti, Bosnia, Lebanon, and the West Bank of Palestine. She recently returned from Amman, Jordan, where she worked
with Iraqi refugees. Her articles appear regularly on Truthout

find out about her new book: Other Lands Have Dreams, by Kathy Kelly at Everyday Citizen

read coverage in the Bellingham Herald:
Monday, Sep. 22, 2008
Hundreds gather in Bellingham to promote peace
BELLINGHAM - Hundreds of peace-seekers crammed into the First Congregational Church of Bellingham in a show of solidarity and celebration for the International Day of Peace on Sunday, Sept. 21.
People attended the Whatcom Peace & Justice Center's annual event for countless reasons: Some were protesting the war in Iraq, others were supporting prisoner rehabilitation programs and still some were riding the wave of hope generated by the thought of a new president taking office in January.
"I definitely think that peace day represents the hope people are feeling right now about the election," said Phoebe Wahl, 17, of Bellingham. "People are getting really excited about the change we will hopefully be seeing in our government." full article

more video here


mad Nomad said...

Wasn't this the best day of peace ever? And the Afghan cease fire too! While conservatives eat shit we can have fun!

jpeg said...

it was the best...i am inspired and energized. loved it!! still adding video...great stuff!

mad Nomad said...

record attendance and good inspiration. we will remake this world that W fucked up