Tuesday, September 23, 2008

everything old is new again.......

thanksto Thom Hartmann for bringing this piece up and helping to understand what the hell is going on. and this is the biggest heist ever seen ......i hope we are all planning to have some fun in the next 6 weeks america cuz the price tag (well that's the one they are sharing with us now....they suck at financial planning for our country) is $7,000,0000,000.....i need a new button.....the "making billionaires out of millionaries" is obsolete...... cliff ahead!!!!!! brace yourself, effie!!!!!!!

how much is enough???????

greed is NOT a family value

wake up america

over at The Economic Populist.....

People are Asking the Wrong Question

All discussion about the proposed taxpayer-funded bailout of Wall Street banks is centered around the idea of, If we don't bail them out, they will fail.It seems no one is asking a much more important question of, "Will this bailout do any good?" Or to take this one step further, "Will this bailout do more harm than good?"
We badly need to consider what history teaches us before we repeat the same mistakes all over again.

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to trust the same greedy bastards who got us here to fix this????? i don't want goldman sach paulson anywhere near my credit cards let alone my great grandchildren's..

wake up america

We Need This Money By The End Of The Week! Henry Paulson pt1

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mad Nomad said...

see how the idiot wallies feel about trickledown oxygen when they are getting choked by the rich.