Thursday, September 04, 2008

Don't Be Distracted By Word Games

Funny how the Republicans have such a complete set of double standards.

As a first term Senator, Republicans try to label Barack Obama as inexperienced.

But on the other hand, with less than two years in office, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is supposed to be looked on as 'not a Washington insider'.

An honest look shows that Palin's "not an insider" label just doesn't fit. Two quick facts: Sarah Palin is a GOPAC graduate. "the premier training organization for Republican candidates for elected office." and Sarah Palin was a director of "Ted Stevens Excellence in Public Service, Inc.," a 527 group designed to serve as a political boot camp for Republican women.

The real question is will we be dragged backward into the same old distraction of the Republican/Religious-Right's culture-war or will we go forward to work on solving our common problems by strengthening our economy, guaranteeing health care coverage and generating clean energy.

CNN's Roland Martin Rips Mockery of Community Organizing


mad Nomad said...

Did you see the Jon Stewart rendition of doublespeaks by Oreilly Hannity Rove et al? Pretty good one.

Republican douches.

jpeg said...

ya that was soooo great....laughed my ass off.
just when things seemed very scarey they got terrifying....
hope folks can't see what an unscrupulous bunch of criminal, win at any cost, greed is good, narcissistic antisocial personality disordered bunch these rethugs are!!!!!!!(and that's the nicest thing to say about them)

they just found a girl who does it well. we underestimate her at our peril....she's a ruthless one.,

i hope the humans of good will all over planet earth can somehow stop them. we have one earth and it belongs to all of us.........

mad Nomad said...

Palin's the kind of woman who would sacrifice her children on the altar of politics