Thursday, September 04, 2008

Republican Convention Mocks American Values

VP candidate Palin mocked community organizers and the Republican Convention cheered. While Palin is a fresh face up on the stage, it's that same corrupt bunch pulling the strings from behind the curtain.

Republicans mocked community organizing because they fear it. Community action is what stops good ol' boy sweetheart deals and turns crooked crony politicians out of office.

The Republican Conventions slogan has been "Country First" but it seems that what they really meant was "Me First".

They mocked community organizing and by doing that, they were also mocking neighbors reaching out to help neighbors. The were mocking every small town and neighborhood in American.

When somethings wrong in a community, there's always a few individuals who stand up and say to their neighbors; "Lets get organized, we can do something about this. Together we have the power".

Barack Obama on community organizing
Added: March 31, 2008
Barack Obama talks about community organizing and how he's carried that
experience into his campaign.

Signs of Hope & Change
Added: September 01, 2008
Over the past 17 months, millions of Americans from every corner of this country have taken part in the political process and built an unprecedented movement for change. This video, featuring footage and photos from supporters across the country, documents this grassroots movement and the supporters who truly are the backbone of this campaign.

Featuring music by The National and sunrise footage courtesy of BlueMarvel.

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mad Nomad said...

It is the fascist generation still imposing their bullshit patriotism on the rest of us. don't worry. the old fascist WWII generation will soon be dead.