Thursday, September 18, 2008

It's Still The Stupid Economy

It was the S&L crisis, then the dot com bubble burst, then electricity rate price gouging and Enron, then the subprime mortgage crisis and now it's the banking collapse. Anybody see a theme developing here? Yep, that's right; deregulation leads to lying, cheating and stealing... and American working families always get left holding the bag while most of the culprits walk away with their loot!

Don't you think it's time to make some real changes? Regulations is just another word rules. Don't you think we should have rules that don't screw the average American? And don't you think the rules should be enforced, so that everybody really does have to play by the same rules?
Maddow & Sirota on McCain's Regulation Flip Flop

The Dream Gone Bad: The Facts

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mad Nomad said...

The American dream is and always has been a lie perpetrated to lure poor peasants from Europe to work in the ill-ventilated meat-packing plants of Chicago, so that a few old white men (like McBush) could get rich off of their suffering.

McBush and apPALINg are certainly going to burn in hell for their crimes against humanity, along with the Vanderbilts, Taggarts, and Hitlers of the past.