Wednesday, September 17, 2008

gentle mountain top removal?????

so what are the coal companies doing better....blowing the mountain tops off quieter or more gently....or have they ordered less rain to rush down their beautiful valley fills to ease on the flooding???? bet they'll get it right when they blow the last mountain top off and completely destroy the 2nd most diverse forest on the planet earth-2nd only to the tropical rain forests.

will we destroy planet earth before we change our ways?

McCain: ‘I Do’ Support An End To Mountain-Top Removal, But Coal Companies Also ‘Doing A Much Better Job’»

In a townhall meeting yesterday in Orlando, Sen. John McCain
(R-AZ) was asked if he supported an end to the economically and ecologically
destructive practice of mountaintop removal coal mining. His reply:

I do.

Mountaintop removal is decimating Appalachia — 25 percent of Wise County’s historic mountain ranges have been destroyed forever.

McCain couldn’t let well enough alone. He then incoherently continued, “I’ve seen a
dramatic improvement in the behavior of the coal companies. They are doing a
much better job.”

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mad Nomad said...

I wish they'd blast McBush's head off.