Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Randi Rhodes got it right....

Randi's got it right on her show today....Louise Slaughter rocks!!!!!......
the Democrats grabbed "drill, baby, drill!" and came out swingin' .....they got it right and Randi was brilliant today in her analysis and presentation.....

Wednesday, Septemeber 17, 2008
We're hearing it on the phones every day. Fear! Ranging from legitimate nervousness about the future to tired, chronic whining about tactics, “Why doesn't Obama do this? Why doesn't he do that? All is lost! Waaaaaah!”
STOP IT. RIGHT NOW! One of the reason's Democrats have snatched defeat from the jaws of victory in the past is whining and self doubt. We offer a curious America
great ideas, sound policy, a new, innovative and more prosperous path, honesty,integrity and a CAN DO attitude, and then get whittled down by weak-willed doubters chewing away at their finger nails wondering cluelessly if we're presenting the package with the right colored bow on top. Meanwhile the opposition party MARKETING MACHINE starts their Fear and Smear TV ads telling you don’t trust that guy and oh bythe way 8-12 years of REPUBLICAN FAILED IDEAS are really HIS FAILED IDEAS? WHAT? They do it to you so hard that you start wondering if maybe they’re right about OUR guy.


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mad Nomad said...

Poll finds McBush still linked to war, death, senility and stupidity.

When Obama CRUSHES McBush in november, I hope the republican party ceases to exist! What a dream! The only arguments will be between social democrats and the green party! What a glorious day when the GOP lies in ruins...

I cannot wait to see the shriveled remains of the godforsaken republican capital-politics machine rotting in the sewage of the 21st century.

What a bunch of douchebags! How could anyone take these idiots like Wally or PPP or McBush or apPALINg seriously in the first place!

Long live the political revolution! Death to the sham patriot fascist scum republican machine!


mad Nomad said...

Freedom is free; and anyone who tells you otherwise is trying to rob you