Sunday, November 30, 2008

dear #4 accountability

hold them accountable!!!!!! message sent to today.....

I’m sure this is hard to contemplate, but if we are going to have any real change it’s time to face up to our past. The example we have provided for years by covert operations, carried out all over the third world, and currently in our illegal wars, secret detentions, extraordinary rendition, and torture does not make us any kind of beacon of hope. It certainly does not make us safer.

I’m ashamed, as I enjoy the luxury of plenty in this country, knowing that many of resources have been taken from countries who had no way to protect their resources and, if they tried, the blood flowed as a warning to step away from what the corporation involved were after.

And that doesn’t even count the profiteering involved in providing arms and procuring lucrative government no-bid contracts.

And now former military brass, who lobby for corporations seeking these contracts, are marketing all this to the American people when they are hired as “talking heads” on our tv machines. If we are really about change, it’s time to face our own past and make some serious restitution and hold those responsible accountable.

This is a defining moment. We either live by the rule of law or we don’t. If we don’t hold the people accountable for these crimes against humanity, it’s just business as usual. This will lead to no future for anyone’s children here on planet Earth.

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Ozy said...

Peggy you have it right!

We must also stop this expliotation of labor/people in other countrys by this BS globalization!We should be ashamed of the way our people just refuse to see how we have let greed destroy our souls.

This christmas maybe we can give the hope that we have gained from a new administration to those in need around the world.

Thank You Peggy! You have a heart of gold!