Monday, December 01, 2008

Rep. Larsen Makes Thanksgiving Visit To Afghanistan

Saturdays Des Moines Register says that Congressman Rick Larsen (WA-02) has returned from a trip to Afghanistan.

USFOR-A put out a press release that says Congressman Larsen and other members of the Armed Services Committee visited with troops on Thanksgiving Day.

Kabul, Afghanistan

Nov. 27, 2008
Release Number 20082711-02

House Armed Services Committee delegation visits Camp Eggers

by Petty Officer 1st Class Cliff Williams
Combined Security Transition Command-Afghanistan Public Affairs

KABUL, Afghanistan — Servicemembers at Camp Eggers shared breakfast with several members of the House Armed Services Committee, or HASC, delegation during their visit on Thanksgiving Day to Combined Security Transition Command-Afghanistan, or CSTC-A, headquarters.

Rep. Ike Skelton, D-Mo., HASC chairman, along with Rep. Solomon Ortiz, D-Texas; Rep. Rick Larsen, D-Wash.; Rep. Tim Murphy, R-Pa.; Rep. Madeleine Bordallo, D-Guam; and Rep. David Loebsack, D-Iowa, spent time with several servicemembers from their respective states.

Servicemembers had the opportunity to ask questions of their congressmen. They also received letters of encouragement from elementary and high school students from their home states.

The visit was part of the delegation’s trip to American forces commands in various areas in Afghanistan over a two-day period. In Kabul, the delegation was briefed by Maj. Gen. Robert W. Cone, CSTC-A commanding general.

CSTC-A provides advisors, mentors and trainers to help the Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Interior with organizing, training, equipping and supporting Afghan National Security Forces in order to defeat the insurgency; provide internal security; extend and enforce the rule of law; set conditions for economic development; and gain the trust and confidence of the citizens of Afghanistan.

It's nice to know that, our Representative, Rick Larsen takes his job seriously.


Ozy said...

I think being serious is getting behind Kucinich ,Wexler or pushing for HR 676. Getting out of Iraq.
He's a political player who lacks the courage to stand up for real issues. That's my opinion and it's not going to change anytime soon.
I hear folks stick up for Rick but I just can't buy it.

I respect your opinions but on Larsen I think in the end those of us who find Larsen mediocre and unacceptable will be proven correct.
We can surely find a much stronger congressman for the 2nd. Congressional.

You have a great blog and I appreciate the diversity here. I guess I will be Larsen’s bane here as well as anywhere I can find. He is not the best we have to put in that seat.

mad Nomad said...

I agree absolutely. Rick is a smile-mongering slick one. If he took the moral imperative instead of the career-path one, we might not have the same problems we do today. If I was Rick I would slap myself in the face, take a deep breath and make a phonecall to Kucinich, asking how I can still impeach the criminal Bush.