Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Help Reinstate The 50 State Strategy

The 111th Congress is in session with a 59% Democratic majority in both Houses and Barack Obama is less than two weeks away from being inaugurated President.

But that doesn't mean it's time to go to sleep!

The 50 State Strategy implemented by DNC Chair Howard Dean is largely responsible for the electoral successes in '06 and '08. "For example, only three years ago, Gov. Dean was mocked by party insiders and Washington Democrats for spending DNC resources in Alaska. This week, Alaskans watched Mark Begich swear in as their newly elected Democratic Senator."

But now the 50 State Strategy has been suspended!

There are beltway insiders who don't like the grassroots power of the 50 State Strategy. They'd like to see it ended permanently. We need to push back and make sure it continues.

Add your name to the DFA petition to reinstate the 50 State Strategy:
The Washington Post reports that Barack has chosen Tim Kaine, Governor of Virginia, to succeed Gov. Howard Dean as chair of the Democratic National Committee. The official announcement is expected soon.

But at least one question still remains when it comes to the future of the DNC: When will they reinstate the 50 State Strategy?

The 50 State Strategy will go down as one of the most successful long-term programs the Democratic National Committee has ever implemented. Not just for Pres. Elect Obama but for candidate up and down the ballot all across the country. With special elections, local mayor and city council races all coming up soon, this is one decision that can't wait any longer.

It's time to make sure Gov. Kaine knows that without organizers on the ground right now opportunities may be missed to keep Republicans on their heels. Add your name and call on Tim Kaine to immediately reinstate the 50 State Strategy and we'll make sure he gets the message.

Reinstate the 50 State Strategy - Add Your Name


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Come see Howard Dean at DemocracyFest!

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