Thursday, January 08, 2009

ferndale flooding

start with a comparison shot from a summer day at centennial riverwalk park/farmer's market

we drove into town over the river
and got a few shots....back out at deer creek the road washed out on one side

just leaving deer creek development turning onto axton heading into ferndale ......these people are not supposed to have water in their yards! soon the road will probably close on main street (on the east side of freeway)

more video here

our route to look at flood.....

The Bellingham Herald has some great shots from the air here


mad Nomad said...

Maybe God is punishing Ferndale for the ~40% that voted for McCain?

Josef said...

mad Nomad,
Neither G*d nor McCain have anything to do w/ it.
Floods are acts of G*d, flood damages are acts of humans. DAAAHHH!!!!

Anonymous said...

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