Monday, February 02, 2009

freedom still on the march.....

here we all are feeling the pain of the mess that has been made over the last 8 years right here in our country and yet i don't think we should forget what all this borrowing (in our name) and stealing (war profiteering used to be illegal) has bought the people of Iraq..... and this story doesn't even mention the genocide we are committing with the depleted uranium we spread far and wide in their sovereign nation.....

wake up america!

Iraq's Shocking Human Toll: About 1 Million Killed, 4.5 Million Displaced, 1-2 Million Widows, 5 Million Orphans
By John Tirman, The Nation. Posted February 2, 2009.

Now that Bush is gone, perhaps we can honestly face the damage
we have wrought and the responsibilities we must accept from it.

We are now able to estimate the number of Iraqis who have died in the war instigated by the Bush administration. Looking at the empirical evidence of Bush's war legacy will put his claims of victory in perspective. Of course, even by his standards -- "stability" -- the jury is out. Most independent analysts would say it's too soon to judge the political outcome. Nearly six years after the invasion, the country remains riven by sectarian politics and major unresolved issues, like the status of Kirkuk.
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