Monday, May 04, 2009

blog on !!!!!!!!!

What an arrogant piece by a David Lewis, of the Lynden Tribune, who calls himself a reporter. Is a reporter the same as a journalist? Hmmm…. well, I don’t call myself a journalist or a reporter (my degree is in another field) but I do proudly call myself a blogger. I live in a participatory democracy and if we citizens aren’t vigilant we will lose it. I welcome all bloggers…. I have argued with a blogger, whom I’m sure I disagree with much of the time, on his blog. (he called me out even though he incorrectly referred to my blog as a Democratic Party blog. I speak only for myself on all 6 of my blogs) We may have stood next to each other at the grocery store and not even realized it. I have attended a baseball game with “my opposition.” The event was organized by a Bellingham Herald reporter, Sam Taylor. (he does have a degree from the University of Idaho School of Journalism and Mass Media)

What a hoot! He attributes “bloggers” with attacking his investment portfolio. Actually the looting took place long ago by the likes of the mitt-ster and the t boone man. That brand of icon has pretty much cleaned us out. We are now stuck servicing the debt, and if we’re lucky, cleaning up the mess they left. And the masters of casino capitalism and pyramid schemes are still jiggering around with the economy. It’s laughable to look to the stock market as a measure of our economic well being. The corporate media infotainment military industrial complex are the folks who playing the news tables. Shills like CNBC Financial Commentator Jim Cramer are hard at work everyday on the tv. Thankfully there are self-professed “snake oil salesman” aka comedian extraordinaire John Stewart, to call him out. I will use all my extra outrage and contempt for the greedy, self serving criminals who have put planet earth on life support and show no sign of stopping.

I love the idea that citizens are willing to pay attention, critically think, and communicate ideas, opinions and, at times. downright amazing content. Blog on!!!!!!!!!!

Blogs: Becoming a fast-news a la carte nation
Submitted by the Tribune on April 29, 2009 - 7:33am. Opinion
David LewisTribune reporter
  Blogs’ rise in popularity and their increased relevance as the preferred news source for many Americans has been on my list of plaguing, quotidian annoyances for some time now. Just uttering the word "blog" I find irksome. To my ear, it sounds too similar to an onomatopoetic euphemism for vomiting (e.g. his face turned green as he sprinted into the bathroom and blogged violently).  

Due to a recent event, though, blogs have officially been relocated from my list of petty annoyances to my list of loathsome objects. Blogging joins the ignominious ranks of things like Athlete’s Foot, mayonnaise (admittedly an illogical, yet nearly pathological aversion), and the intolerable television commercials for that feature songs annoying enough to motivate one to consider effecting his own deafness with a ball point pen, lint roller, Louisville Slugger, etc

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mad Nomad said...

I like your blog. I think it is something good. However, it is an exception: most bloggers (especially the conservative ones) are just big turds waiting to get flushed from the toiletbowl of America.

You guys rock, though. You aren't sensationalists, and you are really grassroots.

Anonymous said...

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