Thursday, August 06, 2009

WRSP and its agents Smear Larsen (WA-02)

In today's MCCLATCHY article "Baird to skip town hall, cites 'lynch' mentality of conservatives", long time Republican Party activist, Lynn Carpenter is quoted; "But she said Larsen, her representative “won’t talk to us and won’t listen to us.”"

Carpenter isn't being honest and as proof I give you this post from the B'ham Tea Party blog:

Friday, July 17, 2009
Discussion With Rick Larsen's Office Staff

by Karl Uppiano -

[I posted this comment over at the Bellingham Herald Politics Blog -- KU]

A few of us from the Tea Party protest went upstairs to Congressman Larsen’s office to make sure our voices were heard. Standing on the street below doesn’t guarantee that anybody will pay attention.

We had a polite, but direct conversation with Rick Larsen’s office staff. They seemed surprised to hear that we want no government involvement in our health care at all. It seems that most of the people they deal with, who object to the bill, simply want parts of it “tweaked” to provide more benefits for them specifically. They were not prepared to deal with the concept that health care is not a legitimate function of the federal government under the Constitution. They kept offering various “what ifs” and options that they hoped would satisfy us.

They mentioned that the current system varies state to state — as if that were a flaw. They blinked when I pointed out that what they were calling a flaw, represents states’ rights, diversity and individual choice. If we don’t like the system in our state, we’re free to try to change it, or move to a state that better suits us. If the federal government enforces uniformity in all states, then we lose our freedom to choose. It was as if they had never heard that argument before. I thought it was a discouraging

Congressman Larsen's staff undoubtedly briefed him on what the TP delegation had to say and Carpenter knows that.

But being truthful doesn't fit the Republican strategy. Carpenter has to stick with lies about Larsen because her bosses in the WA State Republican Party (WSRP) are mounting a smear campaign against him.

WSRP Luke Esser issued a lie filled press release claiming that Congressman Larsen told Veterans that they couldn't talk about health care.

In reality, Larsen specifically told teabagger intruders that the meeting was about Veterans issues and if they wanted to talk about the health care reform bill, they were in the wrong place.

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