Monday, August 10, 2009

single-payer healthcare NOW !!

pay or paying for us ??? hmmmm

specifically....Rep. Rick Larsen, Senators Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray

i am for all of us making a good living for a good contribution to the quality of life of all others living on planet earth.
we can hire good people (our friends, family and neighbors) , who will be accountable to us, to administer the paying of good people, accountable to us, (our friends, family and neighbors) to provide our healthcare. the administrative costs can be kept under 3% (like medicare, only better, everybody in, nobody out). i will feel safer in my community because all the other humans i meet as i go thru my day will be able to get good healthcare.
everybody does better when everybody does better. we can decide how we want it to be in our communities across the nation. unbelieveable amounts of our treasure is being funneled up to the healthcare profiteers (AT BREAKNECK SPEED) !

healthcare by wall street or doctors???

single payer (us) NOW !

greed is not a family for all humans is.

CEO salaries

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