Wednesday, May 12, 2010

barbaric extraction or our symptoms are showing

Today Joe Teehan had Jack Weiss, Bellingham City Councilman, on the line to talk about his lone dissenting voice on the recent council vote to renew the pipeline lease thru our home. His voice was an attempt, as I understood him, to call us to take a serious look at our current lifestyle in regard to consumption, and reckless use of fossil fuels as we deplete the Earth's resources at breakneck speed. He made a very important point in the beginning when he called the fossil fuel industry's attempt to greenwash by getting us to call tar sands "oil sands." I'm guessing it was more palatable marketing, which had been well researched. Then an excellent, well informed, caller named Dylan emphasized the point and said even calling it tar sands didn't really come close to describing the horror. My term for this new "gold rush" and all the desperate extraction we see is "barbaric extraction." It is a glaring symptom of where we find ourselves. We are at peak everything, including the atmosphere where we deposit the carbon from burning fossil fuels.

thanks Joe for a great program and I am sooooo glad to hear your voice on my radio!!!!

and here are some pictures of this form of barbaric extraction and the end result looks very similar to the other forms of barbaric destruction we see

mountaintop removal coal mining and a must see movie about this practice and the heroic people living where it's done

and then there is the contamination of our lands under the lands using hydralic fracturing and chemicals

and as we speak the "spill" in the Gulf of Mexico is playing out and promises to be catastrophic.

wake up humans, we must urgently change our ways so our descendent will have a home.

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