Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Dear Thom

As I'm listening to Thom talking about taking over the Democratic party, I am aggravated because he is giving people misinformation that will lead to frustration if taken on face value. I am all about welcoming folks to the party and especially if they want to help!!!!! As I like to say, great ideas are a dime a dozen, what else you got?
since I have had no success communicating with Thom's online communication options, (my unmet challenge) I will just put this out here......

The correct term is PCO (precinct committee officer.) We are elected (or appointed by local chair in between) We don't even have to pay the $1 to file at the auditors office, we can do it for free online. As I like to say, "I didn’t know what a PCO was and now I is one." We are responsible for all the party leadership at the local level. We are not responsible for who makes it to the ballot. Depending on which state you live it it could be done at the caucus or in a primary election. In my state, Washington, the only candidate the “democrats” (anyone who shows up at caucus and says they are a democrat) pick is the presidential candidate. And then delegates go on to national for the final decision. Otherwise, other offices have fallen prey to top two in primary. (in an open primary state!!!!) I could go on and have.

Bottom line, for party organization I would advise folks to contact their local party.

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