Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Who Killed Economic Growth?

Nicely done by Richard Heinberg and the amazing folks at Post Carbon Institute There is no planet b. The pyramid scheme is crumbling. And as I like to say, "how's the cancerous phase of unregulated crony capitalism working for you?" and as we move into the future I like the Tina Turner phrase.... how would you like it ....nice and easy or rough? We can do so much better for the generations to follow.

and I really liked his statement on arming oneself with weapons....

...........Which brings up an important question: Should you assume, and prepare for, a violent future? Ferfal, after recounting how crime has become rampant in his country since the currency crisis (to the point that virtually everyone has been victimized at one time or another), spends over 20 pages of his book advising what kinds of guns are best to acquire; he also discusses knives and other weapons, and how best to employ them. He even advises what to do in the aftermath of a gun battle (assuming you’re not injured, call the cops, but also call your lawyer, get the names of two or three witnesses, and take photos). This is tough reading for a vegetarian pacifist like me, though it’s hard to argue with someone who has been through what Ferfal has. Nevertheless, in the final analysis it’s really up to you to decide what kind of future is likely, what kind of future you want, and how to negotiate the discrepancies between the two. For me, guns are not part of the equation—I would prefer to spend my time building community. By preparing for a future in which everyone is armed and at each other’s throats, I would be helping to create such a future. No thanks. Draw your own conclusion, though.

full article worth reading!

And this is a very valuable investment of 30 minutes in understanding where we find ourselves. A "recovery" to a growth economy is not one of our options. Richard does a great review of our human history and offers some gems for our future that are not at peak. For this pessimist, who is always looking for the silver lining, he offers it.

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